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03 July 2018

Product Review : Althea Petal Velvet Powder

Hi ✋ today I nak review Althea Petal Velvet Powder. Available in #0 Translucent and #23 Warm Beige colors. I punya yang translucent. I guna this powder untuk set my face and really love this.

My thoughts about this loose powder ;

Texture :
Halus sangat! Macam bedak baby tu! 

Scent :
This loose powder wangi ! Bau mcm bunga camtu. I suka bau dia.

Size :
Saiz dia kecik comel je sesuai sangat untuk travel or keluar jalan2 ke letak je dalam handbag!

Price : 

Where to buy? :
I beli online dekat Althea.
Here the link :

I apply this powder dekat smile lines sbb I ada problem crack dekat smile lines tu  kalau pakai foundation since I have dry skin. So far okay lepas set guna this powder and dia buat make up you jadi matte jugak. So sesuai if you have oily skin and nak set makeup you, you boleh try guna this loose powder. So far I suka this loose powder. Murah pun murah compared to other brand.

Puff dia sangat lembut.

So setakat ni je review I untuk kali ni. Happy trying :) thanks for reading :)

This is not a sponsored or paid review. I bought this with my own money.

Much Love,
Anis Zainudin❤️

Terima kasih sebab sudi baca entri Anis..komen kalau sudi :)

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